About IAKL

The International Association of Korean Lawyers (IAKL), established in 1988, is a worldwide network for lawyers interested in Korea and Korean legal practice. Since its inauguration, IAKL has operated as a platform to foster professional relationships for over 3,500 lawyers from 23 countries. Currently, IAKL organizes annual conferences that provide valuable opportunity for everyone to meet and network with legal experts practicing in major law firms in Korea, in-house counsels, lawyers of Korean descent practicing in various geographical regions of the world, and international lawyers practicing in fields related to the Korean market.


To bring together legal professionals of Korean descent or with interests in Korea throughout the world to build professional relationships and to serve the public interest by promoting social justice.

  • Affinity and Diversity
    Celebrate our heritage and the Korean experience. Acknowledge the diversity among lawyers of Korean heritage and respect the contributions our diversity makes to our community and profession.
  • Accomplishment and Guidance
    Celebrate the individual and collective achievements of lawyers of Korean heritage around the world. Foster professional development and provide guidance for our younger generations to be involved in legal profession.
  • Social Justice and Public Service
    Promote social justice and take appropriate action to prevent injustices in situations where we can make a difference. Understand the sacrifices of others that have made possible the opportunities now available, and serve the public interest consistent with our international focus.